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The 2016 International Aviation Snow Symposium is holding a special event to celebrate it's 50th Anniversary, so this called for special event branding! Yes, the Snow Plow Rodeo is exactly as it sounds - a course with obstacles that will challenge experienced snow plow equipment operators. Competitors are judged first by how well they prepare their ride for the course and then they must impress the judges with their skills as an operator while the clock is ticking. It’s all about controlling their ride under pressure and being cool in the saddle like a real cowboy.

Perfect Landing Media took this opportunity to create a logo that was visually exciting, as will be the actual rodeo. Okay, okay, snow plows move pretty slow, but it will still be great entertainment!

The Northeast Chapter of the American Association of Airport Executives came to Perfect Landing Media for a new logo and creation of consistent branding.

The International Aviation Snow Symposium, presented by the Northeast Chapter of the American Association of Airport Executives, takes place every year in Buffalo, New York. The International Snow Symposium is the airport industry's largest gathering of its kind.