2016 International Aviation Snow Symposium (I.A.S.S.)

ClientNEC/AAAE, International Aviation Snow Symposium (I.A.S.S)
LocationBuffalo, NY
CategoryTrade Show Coordination

The International Aviation Snow Symposium, presented by the Northeast Chapter of the American Association of Airport Executives, takes place every year in Buffalo, New York. The International Snow Symposium is the airport industry's largest gathering of its kind.

Focused exclusively on airfield snow removal and winter operations, the event receives hundreds of attendees from countries around the world. Over 50 renowned aviation industry exhibitors are on-hand every year to showcase their products and share their expertise. Perfect Landing Media designed the website for the International Aviation Snow Symposium and is intricately involved in the marketing of the entire event. The 2016 event is the Snow Symposium's 50th Anniversary, so we're pulling out all the stops to make this one of the most memorable events yet. One of the first items was to brand the 50th Anniversary with a new logo. The success of Perfect Landing Media's creative, integrated marketing plan and materials for the Snow Symposium, including the new website, email campaign, press releases and advertising services helped the organizers to easily decide that Perfect Landing Media is the perfect partner.

“Before their help, our marketing efforts were like flying in a snow storm where we couldn’t see where we were going, and that produced great anxiety. Perfect Landing Media used its talent and industry knowledge to confidently guide the Snow Symposium’s marketing efforts like a precision approach bringing us in contact with our customers, clients and stakeholders,” said Tom Dames, A.A.E., Chairman of the International Aviation Snow Symposium. “Perfect Landing Media helped us to update and modernize the marketing plan with electronic media that was easy to manage making it responsive to our customers. Finally, as their name implies, our transition to a modern marketing plan has been smooth, seamless, very effective and satisfying…just like a Perfect Landing.”