Aero-Green Specialty Cleaners

LocationClear Brook, VA
CategoryMarketing & Advertising

Aero-Green Specialty Cleaners, manufactured by Hi-Lite Solutions, are eco-friendly, powerful and very effective, cutting edge cleaning products. They provide an environmentally sound, cost effective and safe solution for cleaning and maintenance professionals in a wide range of industries including commercial, industrial, aviation and the military.

Perfect Landing Media produced a very effective, comprehensive, integrated marketing campaign that highlighted the benefits of using water-based Aero-Green Concentrated Aircraft Exterior Cleaner and Aero-Green High-Pressure Cleaner in an airport environment. The “Get it Clean, Keep it Green” campaign we created took off. It made it perfectly clear that Aero-Green products are proven and tested to work just as well, clean just as fast, are much safer to use, and more cost effective than traditional hazardous solvents. It was just what the aviation industry wanted to hear, and use of Aero-Green products has started to skyrocket.