Pavement Rejuvenation International (RejuvaSeal)

ClientPavement Rejuvenation International
LocationBuda, TX

Pavement Rejuvenation International (PRI) manufactures RejuvaSeal, the world's premiere asphalt rejuvenator used extensively in revitalizing, sealing and protecting asphalt paved airport runways and roadways. PRI is an international company with corporate headquarters in Buda, Texas. They have manufacturing facilities, support offices and distribution partners located across the globe.

First, Perfect Landing Media educated PRI’s customer base and potential clients on the superior benefits of pavement rejuvenation using RejuvaSeal versus old-fashioned seal coats. We established a cohesive message that stressed the longer asphalt assets are left to deteriorate, the more time and money it will cost to restore those assets to accepted standards. Then our creative advertising and integrated marketing made it perfectly clear that applying RejuvaSeal on a periodic basis can extend the useful life and curb appeal of pavement indefinitely, maximizing the considerable capital investment made in asphalt assets. This became a motivating factor for property owners and managers to take our clients product under their wing.