LocationMalvern, PA

Flex-O-Lite, Inc. is a leading manufacturer and distributor of reflective and industrial glass beads. They are the largest provider of Type III airport glass beads in the world. Type III beads provide the highest and safest levels of retroreflectivity available for airfield pavement markings.

Perfect Landing Media has developed consistent and memorable brands for Flex-O-Lite products, Type III Beads and airLINES, both backed up by a variety of creative, integrated marketing materials. Type III Beads campaign is centered around the catch phrases, "Brighter Lines Save Lives" and "Don't Be Afraid of the Dark". Part of the marketing campaign is aimed towards pilots, not only because they literally have the lives of their passengers in their hands, but also because their opinions on what makes runways and taxiways safe for aircraft is held in such high regard by airport stakeholders and decision makers.

We also helped Flex-O-Lite take their level of success at industry trade shows to new heights by putting together a strategic plan involving everything from pre-show promotion to post-show follow up.