Boschung came to Perfect Landing Media in need of branding. We started with a booth display, as they are traveling to shows every month. The booth display included 2 banner stands, a monitor stand for a mounted television, and an iPad kiosk to display their software.

How does a cookbook fit into the aviation industry you ask? Well, we all have to eat, don't we? In 2015, the NEC/AAAE was in need of a promotional item that involved members of the NEC, while offering a unique flavor - thus, the NEC/AAAE Cookbook came to life! Titled "Appetite for Aviation: Flavors of the Northeast", this cookbook was distributed at a conference with recipes that were submitted by members of the NEC. Perfect Landing Media designed a landing page for the cookbook which also acted as an outlet for members to submit recipes. PLM also coordinated ad sales, design & layout, printing, and distribution of the cookbook.

Download Cookbook (PDF) | Additional NEC/AAAE Projects


Sightline came to Perfect Landing Media searching for a streamlined website that could help get information out about their Airfield Marking Symposiums, as well as act as a forum for people in the industry who have questions about airfield markings.

The Northeast Chapter, American Association of Airport Executives hosts an annual conference every year, with its beginning in 1959. NEC/AAAE came to Perfect Landing Media to handle the marketing, sponsorship, and exhibitor information for the event.

Aero-Green Specialty Cleaners, manufactured by Hi-Lite Solutions, are eco-friendly, powerful and very effective, cutting edge cleaning products. They provide an environmentally sound, cost effective and safe solution for cleaning and maintenance professionals in a wide range of industries including commercial, industrial, aviation and the military.

The Northeast Chapter of the American Association of Airport Executives came to Perfect Landing Media for a new logo and creation of consistent branding.

RejuvaSeal USA is a certified applicator, product distributor, and renowned expert on RejuvaSeal, the world’s leading asphalt rejuvenator. RejuvaSeal USA created the RejuvaSeal USA Distributor Network to build a strong and efficient network of RejuvaSeal distributors across the country.

Flex-O-Lite, Inc. is a leading manufacturer and distributor of reflective and industrial glass beads. They are the largest provider of Type III airport glass beads in the world. Type III beads provide the highest and safest levels of retroreflectivity available for airfield pavement markings.

For over 20 years, Hi-Lite Airfield Services has been recognized world-wide as an industry leader in airport runway and taxiway marking, rubber and paint removal, surface preparation, pavement maintenance and preservation, airfield testing and consulting services.

Pavement Rejuvenation International (PRI) manufactures RejuvaSeal, the world's premiere asphalt rejuvenator used extensively in revitalizing, sealing and protecting asphalt paved airport runways and roadways. PRI is an international company with corporate headquarters in Buda, Texas. They have manufacturing facilities, support offices and distribution partners located across the globe.

Asphalt Pavement Technologies (APT) is the master Distributor for Rejuvaseal®, the leading asphalt rejuvenator in North America. In addition to being an application contractor in Pittsburgh, PA where the company is headquartered, APT is developing distributors/applicators in specific markets throughout the United States. The company is seeking to develop distributors/application contractors that are interested in offering a superior asphalt rejuvenating product to their existing and new customers.

The ULTRA Guard Safety Enhancement System, developed by Potters Industries Inc., is a unique low-cost delineation system for guard rails, barrier walls, bridges and other areas along the road that might be difficult to see under adverse conditions.

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