We Make Ideas Fly.

Perfect Landing Media is a full-service advertising and marketing agency with a flair for promoting clients in the aviation industry. We pride ourselves on taking marketing issues and turning them in to opportunities for our clients, pointing their brands in the right direction and making them soar. We are a niche company. Our expertise is in marketing products and services to and within the aviation market.

Here at Perfect Landing Media, we form partnerships. Collaboration is not only a marketing principle, but also heightens overall creativity. It all comes down to client satisfaction with us – the ultimate goal that goes beyond marketing results and high-level creativity. We value relationships based on trust and mutual respect. We rely on our clients' business acumen as heavily as they rely on us for our expertise in marketing and design.

Whatever the project, the process is always the same: first, understand the objectives completely; second, meet them. The process begins with start-up meetings where project details, goals and ideas are discussed. From that point, we develop a brief that outlines objectives, target markets, creative direction and other information pertinent to the start-up of the project. Whether we’re tasked with creating a single direct mail campaign or an integrated marketing effort, the process we follow remains focused on the brand and its successful development.


Our Clients