"Upholds the image we want to portray..."

We have worked with Jamie for over 8 years. Perfect Landing Media offers our company the time and dedication we need to execute our marketing campaigns and sales goals. With creative design and attention to detail, Perfect Landing Media has empowered the Rejuvaseal® brand to be positioned as a leading pavement sealer for asphalt rejuvenation in the United States and around the world. Through creative and analytical management of our website, Perfect Landing Media upholds the image we want to portray in the construction industry and the customers we want to pursue.

Jason Kellar, General Manager
Pavement Rejuventation International (RejuvaSeal)

"Instrumental in invigorating our marketing strategy..."

Perfect Landing has been instrumental in invigorating our marketing strategy, and has transformed our marketing program from a noisy bunch of band members to a symphonic orchestra. As the conductor, Jamie Mayer systematically brought together several disjointed and independent actions, sharpened their focus, added additional resources to fill out the effect, and is constantly helping to fine tune our message. As a result our marketing program now has doubled its reach and does it with greater impact. Partnering with Perfect Landing has lead to sustained net growth during the past three years.

Tom Dames, AAAE Chairman,
International Aviation Snow Symposium

"It's easy to recommend Perfect Landing Media..."

Jamie and Perfect Landing Media has been a great partner with AIRPORT IMPROVEMENT Magazine. His agency really knows aviation and engages all of our resources to benefit his clients in terms of our editorial and advertising opportunities. When working with Jamie I really sense that he is looking to collaborate with us to create programs that maximize his customer’s strengths. On many occasions he’s suggested print and web advertising that we’ve never done before that have turned out to be quite successful. When asked by advertisers who need agency help it’s easy to recommend Perfect Landing Media. As a publisher I like working with Jamie because his clients are happy, which means more business for all of us.

Paul Bowers, Publisher

"High quality work through excellence and dedication..."

Perfect Landing Media (PLM) delivers high quality work through excellence and dedication when assisting us in our marketing campaigns and overall long-term strategic vision. PLM’s strong knowledge on the aviation market plays a significant role in how we reach our target market and potential airport clients. In this competitive industry, we put high value in the combination of effective communication channels PLM utilizes to increase our brand awareness.

We have worked with Jamie and his team of creative and knowledgeable professionals for over 9 years. Whether online or print, we at Hi-Lite Markings Inc., truly believe PLM offers the best advertising and Marketing solutions for any company seeking to increase their market share in the aviation industry.

John McNeely, President
Hi-Lite Airfield Services

"Instrumental in generating awareness of our product line..."

Perfect Landing Media has been instrumental in generating awareness of our AEROGREEN™ product line creating overall marketing and brand strategies with planning and effectively designing our Logo, web site, product literature, promotional items and handling of our advertising for our company and our products.

Bobbie Pettit, VP Business Development
Aero-Green Aviation Cleaners